Apply to staff Six Degrees

Six Degrees is currently accepting applications for journal staff in the 2012-2013 academic year.

A description of available positions follows. Positions will be filled based on need and applications received.

Find the application here: SixDegreesStaffApplication.

Send applications to by October 14.

Advocacy Director

-Act as the head of all Six-Degrees related advocacy events. These may include, but are not limited to: academic talks, roundtable events, movie screenings, concerts, and other awareness-raising activities.

-Be responsive to the group’s ideas and input regarding what advocacy events Six Degrees should host independently or in collaboration with other groups.

-Analyze all the components required to make an event happen and delegate different duties to those working with you. Components include: contacting potential speakers, setting event times and dates, securing rooms for events, helping the PR/Distribution chief publicize the events, planning event budgets, and securing food, print materials, and necessary equipment for these events.

-Maintain contact with other student groups approaching Six Degrees for collaboration, support, and co-sponsorship. Approach other groups for co-sponsorship of Six Degrees-initiated events.

-Update the group on your advocacy work at weekly meetings and present co-sponsorship requests to the groups for approval.

Financial Manager

-Apply for ASSU and/or TSF funds to finance Six Degrees’ production, advocacy and logistics.

-Investigate means of reducing Six Degrees production and event costs.

-Manage Six Degrees accounts and provide budgetary assistance for Six Degrees projects and events.

-Reimburse members for group expenses and disburse sponsorship funds to groups approved for financial co-sponsorship support.

-Attend weekly meetings and ASSU Financial Officer info-sessions.

Copy Editor

-Take rough articles and turn them into the polished products we see in the journal.

-Communicate with the authors regarding the acceptance/rejection of their articles and the editing of the articles.

-Recruit copy editors, assign articles to the copy editors, and inform copy editors of their responsibilities and objectives (i.e. target length of article, changes discussed, Six Degrees style guide, meeting with the authors).

-Delegate responsibilities such as: fact checking, streamlining and checking of footnotes, writing two- and three-sentence summaries of the articles.

-Obtain bios, mug shots and photos from the authors.

-Review the work and edits of the copy editors, which includes a final read of all articles and a review of the pre-proof and proof when the issue is ready for press.

-Attend weekly meetings and work with the Layout Designer to set deadlines and ensure a smooth publication process.

Layout Designer

-Organize all the information to be placed in each issue, and determine the format of the issue using templates of past issues.

-Make sure we have all the necessary photos, photo credits and copyright permission.

-Create a team to gather and lay out pictures, text, citations, etc. for each issue.

-Print a final copy of the issue for a pre-proof reading.

-Make any changes identified by copy editors during the pre-proof reading.

-E-mail a PDF version of the final copy (once pre-proofed) to Prodigy and ensure that they can open the file.

-Review the final proof printed by Prodigy and make last-minute changes.

-Continue to innovate and improve the Six Degrees format to make the journal look as professional as possible.

-Attend weekly meetings and work with the Chief Copy Editor to set deadlines and ensure a smooth publication process.

Please note: Six Degrees uses Adobe InDesign and a thorough knowledge of InDesign is crucial for this position. If you are not familiar with InDesign, you MUST be committed to learning it.


-Take notes at weekly meetings

-Create and organize lists of the members’ jobs and deadlines

-Take care of Six Degrees email correspondence

-Keep all data and written materials related to the organization of Six Degrees accessible in an organized format


-Help maintain and expand our new website here at WordPress

-Upload and manage current articles and journal news on this website

-Scan and upload past articles onto the website to create a database of past issues

-Continue developing and expanding Six Degrees’ internet presence over the year

-Update and maintain our list of on-campus human rights-related events

Please note: No extensive programming experience is required, although basic understanding of programming would be ideal and a commitment to learning how to manage this system is critical.

PR/Distribution Chair

-Spread the word of all Six Degrees happenings.

-Set up distribution schedules for dorm-wide distribution; ensure that copies are distributed to our faculty advisory board.

-Create and print fliers for Six Degrees activities, such as submissions processes, member recruitment, and advocacy events.


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