In this issue…

The Winter 2012 issue has been published. Look for it around campus now or download it below. To request a print copy, you can contact

Download PDF Here:  SIX DEGREES WINTER 2012

In this Issue:

Hot Spots: Human Rights Issues Around the World  – by Six Degrees Staff …. Pg 1
Beyond the Prize:  Peacebuilding and Women’s Rights in Liberia – by Gillie Collins … Pg 5
Cold Trail (Tibet) – by Samantha Larson … Pg 9
The Escuela Nueva Problem in Guatemala – by Keith Calix …. Pg 11
How Current Efforts to Promote Women’s Rights Won’t Work – by Emily Rains … Pg 15
Damming the Himalayas:  Photos and Essay – by  Dana Edwards … Pg 19
Uncontacted Tribes and the Politics of Life – by André Zollinger … Pg 27
Violence, Race, and Feminism in South Africa – by Vivian Arcia … Pg 31
Interviews with the United Nations Association Film Festival (UNAFF) … Pg 35

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